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On the Line offers fresh insights into key planning & management issues including leadership examples, better buyer-supplier processes, program and system implementation success stories, and more.

“Gave me a very practical approach to developing a road map for our department.”

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The following are a few of the 190+ columns to date:

  • The Real Benefits of Cloud Services
  • Key Elements of Successful Project Plans
  • The Difference between Price and Value
  • Net Promoter System® Highlights
  • Measuring Customer Loyalty
  • Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins
  • Ten Guidelines for Choosing a Supplier
  • Customers’ Biggest Problem with Suppliers
  • Suppliers’ Biggest Problem with Customers
  • New Industry Options Demand New Skills & Resources
  • Successful Supplier-Consultant Relationships
  • What Makes a Great Leader?
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration Projects
  • The Impact of Big Data
  • Leadership in Action
  • The Biggest Challenge Facing Suppliers Today?
  • When the Winds of Changes Shift
  • 14 Tips on How to be More Effective
  • The Value of Nothing
  • Competition & Innovation
  • The Quest for Creativity Continues
  • Tips for Better RFPs
  • Top Five Elements of an Effective Strategic Plan
  • Solving Problems & Making Decisions
  • Creating Effective Buyer-Supplier Partnerships
  • Supplier Executives’ Insights
  • Calm in the Face of Chaos
  • So You’re the New CIO
  • On the Business of Giving Advice
  • Calculating the Price of Failure
  • Taming the Wireless Beast
  • Managing Multi-Vendor Implementation Projects
  • Getting Results Without an RFP
  • Leadership During Uncertain Times
  • Putting Fun Back Into The Industry
  • Developing Effective Road Maps
  • Apples, Oranges, and Benchmarks
  • The Supplier Service Gap
  • Getting Credits For Money Owed
  • Contact Center Leadership
  • Auditing Implementations
  • Managing Expectations: It’s Not About the Slogan
  • Why are Some Acquisitions So Complex?
  • Don’t Blame the Boss!
  • We Want to Be Your Partner. Everyone Says It…What Does It Mean?
  • Managing Project Managers
  • Forecasting Without Numbers
  • Baselines and Your Credibility Quotient
  • Selling Your Ideas to Executives
  • You Can’t Get There From Here

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