Advisory Services

I am an experienced industry advisor and executive with access to a wide range of specialists, to help decision-makers.

Henry Dortmans, B. Com. (Hon.), MBA

I’ve helped over 325 organizations on a wide variety of projects. I deliver tangible results and have been described as a trusted, responsible, and inquisitive adviser.

Consultant, industry speaker, member of various advisory boards, a Top 200 Program mentor at Ryerson University’s School of Business Management, author of a widely-read column.

My 35+ years of industry experience:

  • Angus Dortmans Associates, TSB International, KPMG, General Foods, Bell Canada
  • co-founder and past-president of the CTCA − now SCTC (merged with U.S.)
  • program leader and chair of various industry conferences in Canada and the U.S.
  • host, speaker and/or moderator of events for industry suppliers, customers, associations.