A Few Clients

“We rely on his extensive expertise.”

“Supplier relationships are important to us and the manner in which he conducts his business not only preserves that but actually enhances it.”

“…helped us obtain a favorable agreement for us. His connections in the industry and his experience successfully guided us.”

“We rely on his extensive expertise to assist with operational and strategic planning in this dynamic and changing area.”

“He knows the industry, he adds credibility.”

“His in-depth knowledge assisted us in constructing a meaningful baseline and a concise RFP, resulting in easily understandable proposals, simplified analysis, sound recommendations.”

“…a review from both a technology and business viewpoint, with a summary delivered on time and on budget, addressing the issues we raised.”

“Henry’s knowledge of the subject matter assisted our management team in understanding the importance of the key performance indicators…”

“It gives clients a nice fuzzy feeling when Henry Dortmans is continuously recognized as an authority in the field. It’s not often these days that clients feel they’re getting value for their consulting dollar.”

“Henry serves as chair of our event and we are always impressed with the professionalism, and his commitment to timely and quality work.”

“…[he is] there whenever we need him and quick to respond to our requirements. I appreciate that our interests are always kept first and foremost in importance.”

“…has great depth and knowledge in the industry and provides us with the advice and recommendations we need to make the right decisions.”

“…instrumental in helping us to make the right business decisions. Henry adds value.”

“Excellent on all counts…a retainer to suit our needs, an arrangement that far exceeded our expectations.”

“…always professional, courteous, extremely informative.”

“…presented his findings in a comprehensive, straight to the point format which provided the information our senior executives needed to make a sound decision.”

“Henry has helped the industry and his clients be successful. He is an accomplished individual that has helped many executives make the right decision when it comes to a vision, strategy, and/or decision. He always keep the bottom line in sight. He keeps things focused.”