Testimonials: Advisory Services



“Henry not only understands business information and communications better than anyone else I’ve ever worked with, he has a unique ability to put that knowledge to work for clients. He makes his knowledge accessible to others, and he demonstrates in clear practical terms what’s needed to succeed in this highly-competitive field. In my many years working with him, he consistently delivered measurable results — rare skills in this fast-changing industry.” – Ian Angus (retired Chairman), Angus Dortmans Associates Inc.

“I have worked with Henry Dortmans for many years and he is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and well spoken consultants in the industry. As a Consultant Program Manager at Nortel and Avaya, I always asked Henry to be on our Advisory Board because he has the knowledge and unique ability to help executives understand the industry from a customer’s point of view. Henry is also incredibly nice and personable, and a pleasure to work with.” – Scott Nagel, Digital Marketing Director

“I’ve known Henry a long time, and when I need to dig a little deeper for Canadian research, he’s always my go-to guy. He knows all the right people, and has the big picture perspective to know whether something new will be successful or not in this market.” Jon Arnold, Industry Analyst

“Henry is an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have been working with him for quite some time and have contracted him to do consulting work for a number of companies. He is dedicated, knows the industry extremely well, provides value in every aspect and continually exceeds expectations!!!” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value. Norrie Davidson, CEO Third Octet and former CIO Travelex

“I have been a faithful reader of Henry Dortmans’ “On the Line” column for more than a decade. I’d have to say that it’s the only industry column that I have followed for such an extended length of time – and for good reason. As a writer, Henry is engaging and informative. Drawing on his strong background in business technology and contact center management, his content is always intelligent, witty and thought-provoking. I look forward to each issue – and can highly recommend subscribing!” Susan Hash, Editor, Contact Center Pipeline

“Henry has been helping clients cope with the complexity of Information and Communications Technology management for years. Speaking as a service provider I know he was effective because my clients would sometimes ask me questions directly raised in some of his “On the Line” publications. He made customers smarter and they kept the service providers (that’s me) on our toes. He helped improve the industry and raise the bar for everyone. I suggest you go to his website www.henrydortmans.com and subscribe to his column. If you deal with business technologies as a business person, he will help you.”Renato Discenza, former Senior Vice-President, Bell Canada

“Henry first helped the Region in its selection and deployment of a system which resulted in perpetual savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Later, Henry & his team were brought in to assist the Region with two major projects.
If you are looking at a major overhaul or new implementation, you would do well to discuss things first with Henry.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.” Dan Dzikewicz, Manager, Region of Durham

“I am delighted to recommend Henry Dortmans. He is a responsive individual that you can rely on. Henry has strong insights into the industry and is an insightful person who possesses excellent business judgement. He is a hard working, ethical professional.” – John Cameron, former CEO, AVAYA Canada

“I have known Henry since I joined the CTCA. During Henry’s tenure as president I was a member of the board. As president, he was thorough and very organized, and he made it a pleasure to be part of the group. Over the years I have attended various conferences and events organized by Henry. These have always been topical and enjoyable to attend. Henry has always been able to summarize in writing the key issues. His On the Line column is a wonderful example of combining wit and insight into the issues we face.” Linda Hunter, Senior Consultant

“I highly recommend On the Line. I started to read it back when it was a column in Telemanagement and have read it ever since. The content is current, based on fact, and based on honest experiences of someone who has been in the industry for a long time. The kind of industry knowledge that Henry has can only come from experience. He willingly shares that experience and always manages to do it with a great sense of humor. The industry would not be the same without it.” Betty Hodkinson, Hodkinson Associates

The following are a few quotes from others that I’ve worked with:

“We rely on his extensive expertise.”

“Supplier relationships are important to us and the manner in which he conducts his business not only preserves that but actually enhances it.”

“…helped us obtain a favorable agreement for us. His connections in the industry and his experience successfully guided us.”

“We rely on his extensive expertise to assist with operational and strategic planning in this dynamic and changing area.”

“He knows the industry, he adds credibility.”

“His in-depth knowledge assisted us in constructing a meaningful baseline and a concise RFP, resulting in easily understandable proposals, simplified analysis, sound recommendations.”

“…a review from both a technology and business viewpoint, with a summary delivered on time and on budget, addressing the issues we raised.”

“Henry’s knowledge of the subject matter assisted our management team in understanding the importance of the key performance indicators…”

“It gives clients a nice fuzzy feeling when Henry Dortmans is continuously recognized as an authority in the field. It’s not often these days that clients feel they’re getting value for their consulting dollar.”

“Henry serves as chair of our event and we are always impressed with the professionalism, and his commitment to timely and quality work.”

“…[he is] there whenever we need him and quick to respond to our requirements. I appreciate that our interests are always kept first and foremost in importance.”

“…has great depth and knowledge in the industry and provides us with the advice and recommendations we need to make the right decisions.”

“…instrumental in helping us to make the right business decisions. Henry adds value.”

“Excellent on all counts…a retainer to suit our needs, an arrangement that far exceeded our expectations.”

“…always professional, courteous, extremely informative.”

“…presented his findings in a comprehensive, straight to the point format which provided the information our senior executives needed to make a sound decision.”

“Henry has helped the industry and his clients be successful. He is an accomplished individual that has helped many executives make the right decision when it comes to a vision, strategy, and/or decision. He always keep the bottom line in sight. He keeps things focused.”